The whistleblowing process at Elemaster SpA is a fundamental aspect that reflects the company’s commitment to ethics and transparency. Elemaster SpA is deeply committed to ensuring that its employees and collaborators adhere to ethical values and current regulations. Therefore, whistleblowing is viewed as a crucial tool to safeguard these values and ensure the adherence to corporate processes. Through whistleblowing, the company promotes a healthy and responsible work environment, encouraging its members to report behaviors or situations that may compromise the company’s integrity. This approach demonstrates Elemaster SpA’s commitment to regulatory compliance, corporate ethics, and the protection of its stakeholders.

Commercial Compliant

Communications referring to requests, claims or commercial complaints.

Whistleblowing Report

Any communication – including well-founded suspicions, concerning actual or potential violations that have occurred or that very likely could occur, as well as attempts to conceal such violations – pertaining to the Internal Control and Risk Management System and concerning conduct attributable to personnel implemented in violation of laws and regulations, provisions of the Authorities, Code of Ethics, internal regulations, 231 Models or CE Models.

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